• WASD to move
  • Collect food
  • Avoid walls or hitting yourself
  • WARNING: Do not run it in fullscreen

Goal is to bite your own tail


  • 4 levels (including tutorial)
  • 1 Snake


This game was created for jimjam in one day.. didn't have more time.. sorry~
Everything but the sound was created by me (Ryunigia/Dysomega)
Soundeffects are from:
Music is from:
ow and specialEffects are from unity's free asset pack

Small hint: it's as far as i know impossible to bite your own tail with an even amount of segments (excluding head)


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I think I played the last level after the tutorial...

That's weird O.o, it should be the one with the wall in the middle.. did you get the one where there are a bunch of passage ways?

Yes, but when playing again all was fine

ah okay .. thanks for reporting : )

Don't know if you're going to update the game, but here's some feedback:

  • Good way of implementing the idea that was mentioned on stream.
  • When the game start, it isn't clear that you can start controlling the snake right away.
  • When the snake is of the screen you can change direction and never return to the game screen again. The problem is that there are several movements of the snake off screen, before it appears back on the screen.
  • The snake also doesn't immediately change direction. (first head turns, then he starts moving in the other direction).
  • On camera change skybox to solid color, on maximizing the webplayer you can see the skybox.
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First of, thanks for the feedback : )

  • Sorry didn't watch the stream but it is a really simple use of the theme so.. yea figures i guess xD thanks
  • It seems so, not sure how to fix that, thanks for pointing  that out
  • This one is really weird no idea how you do this, can't seem the replicate :\ do you run it in fullscreen?
  • yea that's indeed how it works.. hmm guess it could feel a little weird
  • that's idd a useable fix although the game bugs out when it runs in fullscreen need to find a way to disable it or make it not bugout maybe x)

Thanks again for the feedback, i'll try to fix it ^^

how do you start the game?

it starts automatically, sorry that it's not really clear, i'll try to fix that