Tiny planet corp....s 

Goal: Build a successful megacorperation on a tiny planet.

- Card mechanics
- Build structures
- Collect resources

Left click on a card (it jumps away when you hover over it, but you can click on.. where it was)
- Then select a tile to place by Left click, DO KNOW this COSTS 10g (if the tile is selectable it will highlight)
- Look around for the best place by holding Right mousebutton
- When you actually decide to build something it will cost you it's production value as well (besides the 10g for the tile), the production value is on the card
- Click the Buy a card button to buy a card for the cost of 2 research
- Everytime you build something your turn will end and you will get resources
- If you can't build anything, the game ends.. (Nothing will happen though, sorry for that, you can click restart if you are up for another try)

- Enemy corperations... yes time ran out before i could even start on the whole enemy ai thing..
- Stock market (allows for stealing tiles from enemy corperations, you can see why this isn't done)
- Being able to select from a few cards you want to research instead of topdecking it
- MENUS? where are they omg, there are none
- An actual win state? wow maybe we can even add a loss state as well?

I don't know why you played this or read this (maybe both thank you~), i'll try to actually maybe make a game out of this sometime? (imagine i originally intended to enter the comp with this..)

Install instructions

Extract with winrar


TinyPlanetCorps_Win32.rar 12 MB


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I cannot place any card down, left clicking on a tile after clicking a card does nothing

There are limits to the placing of the card depending on terrain and money restrictions.. although tbh this game is very unfinished ^^''' , but thanks for playing : ) and giving feedback : ) it is much appreciated.